Mission Statement & History

Milwaukee Metal Products has been providing superior quality and value for leading manufacturers for over 100 years. Our capabilities include metal and non-metal fabrication, assembly, and much more.

Mission Statement

Milwaukee Metal Products Company’s Missions are:
1. To continue to be an integral part of the local, regional and national metal fabricating industry.
2. To build intelligent design and engineering into our products.
3. To be not the least-, and not the most- expensive designer and metal fabricator – simply to be the best value.
4. To be well-known as a reliable supplier of quality products with on-time delivery.
5. To be an engine for the personal and professional growth of our employees, customers, suppliers and all with whom we do business.


August Podolske founded the Podolske Sheet Metal Works prior to 1908 as a tin shop. Arthur, his son, joined the family-owned company in 1908, taking the reins at an early age when his father died. The firm was largely a sheet metal contracting operation. Larger scale fabrication efforts began with the onset of World War II. Podolske’s contributions to the war effort consolidated the shift from HVAC and sheet metal contracting to manufacturing in the 1940s.

The firm was incorporated as Milwaukee Metal Products Company in 1947, beginning what could be viewed as the company’s modern era. With the new name, Milwaukee Metal Products relocated from a carriage house to a 13,580 square foot plant at 1737 N. Palmer Street, Milwaukee. Arthur Podolske’s two children, Warren and Betty, were both working at Milwaukee Metal Products by 1950. In 1957 the firm moved from Palmer Street to a newly built, 57,449 square foot plant at its present location, 8000 West Florist Avenue in Milwaukee, a virtual farm property at the time.

Warren Podolske became Vice President and Betty Podolske became Secretary/Treasurer of Milwaukee Metal Products in 1964. 3,600 square feet of additional shipping and welding space were added to the plant in 1964 as well.

A plant in Crystal Falls, MI, was acquired in 1964 and expanded a year later. The plant was used primarily to handle the “overflow” of orders from customers north of its parent company located in Milwaukee. Metal equipment cabs, wheel alignment ramps and storage tanks were the primary fabrications of the Crystal Falls plant.

The fourth generation of the Podolske family to become an integral part of the company is Warren’s daughter, Betty Jane Parrott (known as “BJ” to friends, family and associates). Betty Jane is an electrical engineering graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee who later earned an MBA at the same university. Betty Jane joined Milwaukee Metal Products in 1973. The same year, Warren was elected President and Betty was appointed Secretary/Treasurer.

A second plant addition of 9,000 square feet for the welding department was completed in 1973. In 1974, additional property was acquired adjacent to the original parcel. When all work was shifted to the Florist Avenue location, the Crystal Falls plant closed in September of 1975.

1978 saw a third addition to the Florist Avenue plant. This addition provided 5,400 square feet for the paint department and 960 square feet of office space.

Warren became CEO in 2001 and Betty Podolske retired as Secretary/Treasurer; both continue on the Company’s Board of Directors. In 2001, after 20 years as Office Manager, Christine Bohl was appointed Secretary. BJ Parrott assumed the duties of President and Treasurer of Milwaukee Metal Products Company in 2001, the fourth generation of the family to lead the firm.

Warren Podolske retired as CEO in April of 2003. Milwaukee Metal Products Company currently employs 15 full-time people.

The primary objective of Milwaukee Metal Products Company is to continue to be an integral part of the local, regional and national metal fabricating industry. See our Mission Statement.